Ukrainian - English VRI/OPI Full-Time Vacancy (Remote)

Future Group
Estonia, Estonia, Egypt, Egypt, and Czechia, Czechia

We need Ukrainian< >English OPI/VRI Interpreters

Dear Valued Vendor, we need you to provide!

Experienced interpreters with needed headcount in the Requisition for subject language.

On-boarding Process:

* Interpreter to watch Orientation session

* Quality will schedule Certification test upon confirmation of watching above session.

* If interpreter passed with score of 10 or more, will be sent Platform and Protocol training

Once interpreter finishes above training, will be on-boarded through operations.

Interpreters' responsibilities:

  • Answer calls in a professional manner, acting according to the Interpreter's code of conduct.
  • Be always prepared to take notes during a call.
  • Be aware of the specific vocabulary of the industry the interpreter works with (healthcare and medical one, specifically).
  • Rendering all messages accurately and completely, without adding, omitting, or substituting.
  • Provide the highest level of customer service during interpreting
  • Facilitate communication between Limited English Proficient and Client by rendering accurate and complete interpretation of the message. Applying standards of practice
  • Go into internal professional training.
  • Be eager to get new professional certifications.
  • Communicate and report to your team leader.
  • Comply with dress code requirements for video remote interpreting.

Their background and experience:

  • Fluent in source language (English) and Native in target language "Ukrainian".
  • Good knowledge of medical terminology.
  • Awareness in legal terminology is a plus.
  • High school diploma in your native language.

Technical requirements:

As this position is fully remote, you should provide interpreters' technical requirements for their computers. We need to be sure, that their home office will work effectively. (Attachments) 

  • Internet
  • ✓ Dedicated high-speed, private, and secured internet connection
  • ✓ Minimum download speed 20 Mbps (megabits per second)
  • ✓ Minimum upload speed 10 Mbps (megabits per second)
  • ✓ Wired Internet, Ethernet Port (Wi-Fi is not allowed)
  • Systems
  • ✓ Minimum Windows 10 operating system
  • ✓ Computers with dual core, 2 GHZ processor, like an Intel Core i5 or superior Minimum 4th Gen
  • ✓ 8 GB RAM memory minimum
  • Equipment
  • ✓ Single device (computer or laptop) which can run required systems (see #2). (No external devices, such as cell phones or tablets, are permitted)
  • ✓ External monitors and connectors (if applicable).
  • ✓ Computers must operate in “High Performance” mode, not “balanced” or “power saver”.
  • ✓ Power adapter plugged in and not operating on battery.
  • ✓ Chromebook is not allowed.
  • We only allow USB Headset

* Headphones Use a noise cancelling, wired headset with a built-in microphone (no wireless/Bluetooth headphones). The microphone should stay in place once adjusted. No 3.5mm adapter. Bluetooth and other wireless headsets are not allowed.